Work Habits That Destroy Your Teeth

Work Habits That Destroy Your Teeth

You may like the hustle and bustle of your office, but have you ever wondered how it affects your oral hygiene?

Confused as to how the two are related?

Well, we’ve put together a few workplace no-no’s that can really affect your dental health and if you keep scrolling, you may have one less thing to worry about in your work hours.


Some of us like to bite on pencils or pens while working, even though this reflex action doesn’t aid our thinking process. In fact, consistently biting on your stationary wears down the edges of your teeth, which in turn, may lead to tooth ache or fractures. Instead, try snacking on carrot sticks or celery.


We all like to nurse a cup of coffee or latte during work hours. The problem with doing so on a daily basis is that these beverages cause dry mouth, which eventually, lead to cavities and bad breath. Even if you dodged that bullet, you may stain your teeth over time.

Instead, we’d recommend that you drink green tea for your daily caffeine boost. If you have trouble making it through the day without coffee, try to cut down on the sugar and make sure you have some water afterwards.


Just as some of us depend on caffeine, others smoke cigarettes or vapes to relieve stress. In either case, you will not only have increased risk of lung cancer, but also of cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, and oral cancer. Even the e-cigarettes that consist of nicotine are harmful for gum health.

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