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At Lanier Valley Dentistry our team goes above and beyond to provide you with a comfortable dental experience in a modern facility. Our expert staff, trained in various procedures, aims to make you feel at home while addressing your queries. As your reliable dentist in Dacula, Dr. Lentz and our team regularly undergo multiple continuing education courses to offer the latest treatments.

We prioritize earning your trust by delivering top-quality dentistry using advanced techniques, allowing you to smile confidently. Whether you’re searching for a trusted ‘dentist near you’, we invite you to become part of our dental family!

Meet Colin
Lentz, DDS

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Dr. Lentz grew up just outside Indianapolis, Indiana in an old farming community called Fishers and is a third generation dentist after his father and grandfather. He did his undergraduate studies in Biomedical Sciences at Auburn University. His academic successes at Auburn made him eligible for Navy scholarship and helped him pursue his goal of becoming a dentist.

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Advanced Dental Technology

At our local dental office, we utilize modern equipment and methods in all our treatments, guarantee superior care. Precision matters, and incorporating state-of-the-art technology allows our dentists to accurate identify any issues that may go unseen by the naked eye.

Instead of traditional x-rays film to take images of your oral cavity one frame at a time, we use digital x-rays that captures multiple images in real-time and emit significantly less radiation. Get in touch today to learn more.


CEREC dental crowns in Dacula are crafted utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, incorporating computer-assisted design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). This enables the entire crown process, from design to fabrication, to be completed within a single appointment.

These prosthetics are carefully tailored to your individual requirements; you won’t have to worry about it feeling out of place or causing discomfort when you eat or talk. Our team will ensure that your treatment is smooth and effective.


Before the X-Guide, dental implant placement was carefully planned using various technologies such as cone beam 3D imaging systems. Once a plan was developed for implant location and placement, the clinician would surgically place the implant according to the plan. However, as with any surgery, there exists the possibility for some variation between the perfect placement and the actual placement.

While this current process almost always yields excellent results, X-Guide allows clinicians to do an even better job with accuracy and placement by giving real-time feedback during the surgery.


Laser dentistry is a non-invasive, extremely accurate, rapid, and, most important, completely painless technique. The patient doesn’t feel any pain during the procedure. It reduces bleeding, and it ensures a very high treatment success rate. It can be used for various conditions as well. Also, the risk of infections is considerably reduced because the laser sterilizes the tissue. Also, a laser procedure will eliminate the need for anesthetic or sutures.

It is also recommended in cases of dental sensitivity. Lasers are used to seal the dentinal canals, which are often responsible for increasing the sensitivity of the tooth to hot or cold. Laser treatments and procedures are more accurate, and even pregnant women, and children can benefit from them


Using digital radiography in dentistry has many benefits over traditional x-rays. Conventional X-ray films are taken like a camera with single shots, and the x-ray films will need to be developed for every x-ray taken. If there is a problem with focus, blur, angle, lightness, or if the film were not developed properly, or if the angle did not show the dental issue, then another x-ray must be taken.

However, with digital radiography, since the x-ray is being captured in real time, it would be like a difference between a still film camera and a video camera. If the angle, lightness, contrast, and exposure need adjusting, it can be done in real time to improve the image needed.


An x-ray is one of the most common diagnostic tools we use today. However, an x-ray may not provide us with enough information to accurately diagnose and treat potential problems. In this case, we may order a CBCT scan to gather a more comprehensive understanding of your oral health. A CT scanner gives us a 3D view of your soft tissues, teeth, and underlying bone.

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At Lanier Valley Dentistry, we recognize the significant of healthy teeth, as they play a crucial role in maintaining your general dental health. A radiant smile not only enhance your overall state of wellness, but they enhance your natural beauty and aid you in performing essential daily activities.

Types of Dental Implants

Long-Lasting, Affordable Dental Implants

Our professionals here at Lanier Valley Dentistry, perform dental implants. Even though you may be practicing improved dental care, it is still possible to lose our teeth to tooth decay, injury, or gum disease. Dental implants are your best bet for replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile. Dental implants are prosthetic roots acting as substitutes for your natural root. Our professionals will take you through the process of getting a dental implant when you visit our offices. You will be taken through the phases of placing dental implants with the first phase involving the precise screwing of an implant into the position where there is a missing tooth.


Our Patients Says It Best!

  • What a wonderful practice! My whole family comes to see Dr. Lentz and his amazing staff. They always have you in the seat, within 5 minutes of arriving. They really truly care about your time. Honest, dependable, and AMAZING with kids. Hands down, the best dentist I have ever been too! Awesome job Dr Lentz and team!

    Eric M.
  • I absolutely love the staff here, I believe it’s Jill and Lindsey at the front desk.. they are so kind and caring and actually take the time to go over every detail with you and explain things in depth. Most of all, they are compassionate! Dr. Lentz is an OUTSTANDING dentist. He sits and listens to what you’re dealing with, he’s compassionate and his work is wonderful. He has listened to all of my dental drama. I’ve had 3 crowns done here and every time I walk out feeling great. I never have pain afterwards. Most of all I know that walking in, I will be in good hands. I highly recommend Lanier Valley Dentistry!

    Kimberly P.
  • Excellent Dental Service 👍

    Weston R.
  • I always had a great experience very honest doctor, and always suggest the best thing for you. I love how prompt they are and if you have an emergency work with you.

    Amelia A.