Why Should One Get Dentures?

Why Should One Get Dentures?

Most people assume that dentures are only for older adults. This is a misconception since dentures are a viable option for individuals of all ages who have experienced tooth loss. Tooth loss is associated with aging but can affect all ages. It can occur due to trauma, dental decay, gum disease, or genetic conditions. Here are some of the reasons why you may need a denture:


Dentures are widely employed to replace missing teeth. They help to restore your ability to chew effectively, allowing you to enjoy a wider variety of foods. Besides, missing teeth can affect speech, causing pronunciation difficulties. Dentures improve your speech clarity and pronunciation.


Infected or irritated gums can be an early indication of gingivitis. This can eventually lead to periodontal disease, necessitating tooth extraction. After tooth removal, the gums have the opportunity to heal, leading to pain relief and restoring gum health. You may need a denture to fill the gaps left by the extracted teeth.


Severe tooth pain often indicates tooth decay has advanced and reached the stage where it affects the nerve. When tooth decay is detected early, it can typically be treated with a simple filling. However, more extensive treatment may be required if the decay progresses to an advanced stage. If decay severely damages the tooth and compromises its structure, it cannot be saved. This necessitates tooth extraction; you may need a partial denture to replace the missing tooth.


If you struggling to eat certain foods, you could have various dental issues. These include a cracked tooth, cavities, missing teeth, or gum disease. Dental treatments like crowns, root canals, and fillings can solve these problems. These conditions can affect your ability to properly chew and bite, leading to discomfort and limitations in your diet. But dentures can provide a solution if the dental problems have progressed to a more advanced stage or if multiple teeth are affected.