What To Know About Tooth Abscess

What To Know About Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is usually described as a pocket of pus caused by a bacterial infection. It is usually painful and can happen in different regions of your teeth. There are two types of abscess: periapical abscess and periodontal abscess. The periapical abscess mainly occurs at the roots of your tooth, while a periodontal abscess occurs at the gums.


A periapical abscess usually occurs if you leave your cavities and decay untreated. Also, if you experience a dental injury and leave it untreated, it will cause an abscess. This condition is always treated by draining the pus formed in your tooth’s roots to eliminate the infection. This will help save your gums and teeth as the infection will not spread to other parts. If you ignore the abscess, it can lead to other serious complications.


Severe toothache or throbbing pain around your jawbone, ear, or neck is an indication that you have an abscess. Also, you will realize your tooth is very sensitive to hot and cold. Sensitivity when biting and chewing is also a common symptom, and this can make you avoid eating some foods. Apart from that, your face will swell, you will have difficulty swallowing food and breathing. Some people have also complained of having swollen and tender lymph nodes.


If you have a tooth abscess, some factors might have resulted in your abscess. The first one is poor dental hygiene—this involves lack of adequately taking care of your gums and teeth. Plaque tends to build up around your teeth, causing cavities, eventually leading to an abscess. Other factors are consuming a lot of sugar and dry mouth. Bacteria can quickly multiply if you have a dry mouth, leading to decays, cavities, and gum infections. For more information about tooth abscesses, visit our clinic. Our dentist will also ensure your mouth is in good health.