What Are The Benefits Of Having Removable And Fixed Implant Dentures?

What Are The Benefits Of Having Removable And Fixed Implant Dentures

Your teeth make up the critical structural parts of your body. They simplify your normal body functions such as eating, speaking, and digestion. They also uphold your physical appearance. However, some people may lack teeth or have dental problems that resulted in missing teeth. Therefore, if you are such a person you may need implant-supported dentures to replace the lost teeth.

A fixed denture is the complete placement of an entire row or a single tooth in either of your jaws or both. On the other hand, a removable denture is a replacement tooth placed onto a plastic base. You can use a removable denture while you have your natural teeth. Removable dentures are easy to clean and store. Here are the benefits of having removable and fixed implant dentures.


Both removable and fixed dentures improve your overall appearance. They make you feel and love the look of your teeth. They fuse with your mouth to make your smile prettier. They improve your speech by ensuring you do not slur your words or fear that your teeth may slip.


Both permanent and fixed dentures become part of your mouth and remove the discomfort of having missing teeth. When you eat, you can chew your food with ease.


Permanent and fixed dentures offer you confidence by improving your smile. They ensure you feel better about yourself and your dental formation. Because of their durability, you are sure the confidence you feel will last for many years.


Permanent and fixed dentures allow access to inaccessible areas of your mouth and teeth. Also, they help you clean your teeth easily leading to a reduction in cases of oral issues you may suffer. For removable dentures, ensure you handle them with care and always clean them regularly for at least twice daily. For more information, please contact our offices today!