The Importance Of Chewing Food Properly For Good Dental Health

The Importance Of Chewing Food Properly For Good Dental Health
Most people live very busy lives to the extent that they barely have the time to sit down for a meal and eat it properly. They tend to rush through meals as a result of which they skip chewing their food and often even wash it down with different liquids.
If you don’t chew your food properly, it can lead to various health concerns and risks such as:
• digestive issues
• overeating
• weight gain/obesity
• problems in the intestine and stomach
Not just that, but poorly chewed food also results in poor dental health. Most people aren’t aware of the connection between chewing food properly and dental health, but the truth is that a simple task like chewing indeed affects your teeth and gums.
Here’s how.


A prolonged chewing process in which you chew your food thoroughly helps produce more saliva in the mouth, which, as we all know, greatly helps maintain your oral health. Saliva performs many functions in the mouth, the most important of which is that it washes away food debris and the bacteria found in your mouth. If bacteria and food particles are left in the mouth for long, it can lead to conditions like gingivitis and caries.
This function of the saliva plays a very important role in the prevention of dental diseases, thereby protecting your teeth and gums from harm.


Another reason why you must chew your food properly is that it helps create balance in the mouth. Basically, it’s the saliva that helps remineralize the teeth and also restores the pH of your mouth, which is particularly necessary when you eat foods that contain acids and sugars.
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