Straight Teeth Is Not Just About The Smile

Straight Teeth Is Not Just About The Smile

Damaged, discolored, uneven teeth are not the kind of dental health anyone wants. Such teeth also make for a self-conscious smile. Our professionals have come up with the most amazing procedure to cover these teeth to change the way you smile.


Your decision to get dental veneers will eliminate and or conceal the gaps between the teeth, cover teeth discoloration, crooked teeth, chipped teeth, and even unsightly decayed teeth. It is also beneficial in cases where teeth whitening treatments cannot remove long-standing stubborn stains. This is a procedure that will not just improve your smile, but enhance your self-confidence too.


Our professionals provide two types of dental veneers. The first kind is porcelain veneers and the second is composite or resin-based veneers. Both types are made of strong material and get mounted on the top as well as the sides of teeth to conceal. A major difference between the two is the procedure.

Our professionals will explain each procedure in detail so that you make the right decision. With porcelain veneers, the procedure involves the removal of some of the enamel from your original tooth. The veneer is then positioned like a cap on the tooth. As for the composite veneer, it may not require the removal of the original enamel.

Both these options are ideal if you take good care of them. Our professionals will explain the right way to take care of your veneers so their lifespan increases. You may also have to be careful when eating hard or sticky foods as this could damage the veneers. You should also avoid using a very hard toothbrush as this could also loosen the veneers. Take all the precautions mentioned by our professionals and your veneers will last long. If you want to know more about veneers, please call us or visit our office.