Should You Get Dental Work While Breastfeeding?

Should You Get Dental Work While Breastfeeding?

Pregnancy comes with a lot of sacrifices. Women tend to care most for their infants, but self-care is critical. Going to the doctor before delivery is the first step toward a successful pregnancy and birth. The mother’s decision to breastfeed the child also requires sacrificial measures due to work requirements or other concerns such as infections.


Maintaining your visits to the dentist after giving birth is important in ensuring a healthy dental condition. You are advised to take regular checkups and examinations. Taking care of the body during breastfeeding is important as well. A healthy body means the child gets the best from the mother. When visiting the dentist, indicate that you are a breastfeeding mother. The heads-up allows the dentist to make sound medical decisions on treatments and medications. If the medication requires antibiotics, the dentist may need to reassess necessary recommendations to ensure your baby’s safety.


Local anesthesia is a procedure used to numb a specific area a dentist wants to operate on. The anesthesia does not take long to wear off, and most outpatient treatments choose it. Different types of local anesthetics could have specific effects on the mother. Most anesthetics allow the mother to continue breastfeeding after they have worn off.


Dentists and doctors advocate for self-care for breastfeeding mothers as mothers tend to care more about their breastfeeding child’s health while overlooking their own. Note that when the mother is unwell, the child fails to get the best care. There are recommendations to treat cavities, gums, and fillings. The mother should get them fixed as soon as possible. Such restorations should not be ignored as they may lead to worse conditions such as cavities and gum diseases. The dentist is ready to help you have great dental care while breastfeeding. Contact our professionals today!