Options To Help Teeth Struggling To Erupt

Options To Help Teeth Struggling To Erupt

Impaction can be an issue. Some teeth do not come into the mouth, or erupt, on time. Be patient. Sometimes it does take a long time for a tooth to erupt, and there may even a good reason why. Regardless of the cause, there may be something we can do to help.


The impacted tooth may not have enough space among the baby teeth. Generally baby teeth are smaller than adult teeth. If crowding persists and there are not enough baby teeth out of the way for the adult tooth to erupt, you have two choices. You can wait for the baby teeth to drop out, or you can contact our office and see if the baby teeth could be extracted to make more room.

If genetics are against you, take heart and be encouraged. It takes time for adult teeth to replace the baby teeth. The general timeframes for teeth to erupt are just general guidelines. It is similar to the due date calculator for expecting moms. The baby will come when it is ready. Similarly, the tooth will erupt when it is ready. Remember that teeth also erupt at different rates for girls and boys. Since girls mature faster, girls tend to get their adult set of teeth sooner. In this scenario, it is best to be patient and keep coming in every six months for your routine check-up. We can take x-rays to see where the adult teeth are at and help to give a more accurate estimate of their eruption.


Nutrition is the other factor. If you are not nourishing your body, which includes your mouth, you are working against yourself. Proper nutrition gives teeth the power they need to power through the gumline. Calcium and other nutrients are essential for helping struggling teeth erupt.

Come into our office and we will see if there is a problem with your teeth, which may be struggling to erupt. We want to help you understand what is happening, as well as what we can do about it.