Mouthguards In Sport A Necessary Piece Of Equipment

Mouthguards In Sport A Necessary Piece Of Equipment

Young and energetic athletes are the pride of a country. It is the responsibility of our dental practitioners to safeguard the oral health of these athletes. While representing our country in various national and international sports, athletes are prone to face minor or severe dental injuries.

A mouthguard is a piece of sporting equipment that protects teeth from cracking or getting damaged while playing a sport. Our experienced dentists advise sports authorities to make mouthguards mandatory equipment for any kind of sport. Athletes are advised to wear mouthguards to form a protective layer around their teeth which prevents permanent damage.


One of the most common dental injuries is tooth fractures which require medical intervention by our dentists. We carefully examine the fracture and suggest a suitable line of treatment and medication to follow. Another common injury athletes face when not wearing a mouthguard is tooth loss. This could include partial or complete loss of the tooth which would require dental procedures to rectify. In both cases, the injury is severe and an athlete may require to sit out a few games till they recover. This can be avoided with the use of a good quality mouthguard customized by our professionals.


There are various kinds of mouthguards specifically designed by athletes. These guards provide complete protection and create a resistant layer that prevents tooth damage. A mouthguard designed by our professionals not only fits properly but they are also durable. They are comfortable to wear for long durations and enable easy speech and breathing which is vital while playing a sport. Our professionals specialize in sporting mouthguards which provide complete protection against dental injuries.

Call us today to customize your sporting mouthguard and play your favorite sports without the fear of dental injuries.