Ignoring Dental Issues Now Can Lead To Bigger Health Issues In The Future

Ignoring Dental Issues Now Can Lead To Bigger Health Issues In The Future

Not everyone is aware of the connection between dental health and overall body health. How you maintain your oral health can have impacts on your overall health in years to come. Research has shown that taking care of your teeth and gums will not only give you a winning smile, but it will improve your whole-body health. If you regularly forget to brush your teeth and keep your mouth clean, you may be heading towards some serious health complications in the future.


Our mouths are loaded with bacteria, but this isn’t going to cause any harm if you practice proper oral care. Oral bacteria are normal and your daily teeth cleaning routine will keep it healthy and under control. But if you start neglecting your teeth and gums, this is when health problems can happen.

The connection between oral and overall health may not be clear, but it is simple. The bacteria in your mouth multiplies and will combine with sugar in the food you consume. This will then make acid, which will attack the teeth, resulting in gum disease, infections that spread across the body, and tooth decay.

If you neglect any dental issues, these will contribute to further health problems. People who suffer with gum disease may cause further harm if they have diabetes and don’t seek dental treatment. Gum disease can complicate diabetes as inflammation of the gums can cause gaps. If these gaps between teeth and gums become infected, this makes it difficult for the body to absorb insulin medication as it needs.

Not brushing teeth properly will cause a build-up of plaque. If plaque enters the bloodstream, it can become stuck in the arteries and increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Even more worrisome is that if there’s an excess of bad bacteria, it can find its way into the lungs to cause pneumonia in patients.

If patients leave dental issues untreated or have bad oral hygiene, this could directly impact their overall health. Symptoms of poor oral hygiene will only worsen without treatment, so it’s important to have regular dental checks to ensure that you are maintaining your teeth and gum health. To book a dental check with us, please contact our office right away.