If You Feel Something Stuck Between Your Teeth That You Cannot Remove, Contact Us

If You Feel Something Stuck Between Your Teeth That You Cannot Remove, Contact Us

It is common to have stuck food particles in between your teeth. It could be a piece of meat or fiber from a mango. When there is a stuck food particle in your teeth, how you remove it matters. You need to use safe methods like flossing or brushing to dislodge the particles. However, if you try all the safe ways and still can’t get out the particles, you need to contact us immediately.


If you fail to dislodge a stuck food particle, professional assistance is needed. Our professionals have the skills and equipment needed to remove stuck particles safely. They will also check for any damage you might have caused trying to dislodge the particles. You are warned against trying to use toothpicks to remove particles stuck in between your teeth. As much as toothpicks are effective in performing other oral cleanings, they not ideal for tiny spaces. Using them can damage your teeth and gums and cause various infections.

Leaving food particles in between your teeth for a long time poses a great risk. The harmful bacteria present in your mouth will feed on it and build up to form plaque. This will result in oral conditions like tooth decay and gum disease. These conditions can become severe if left untreated. For example, gum disease can advance into periodontitis, a severe condition that could lead to tooth loss. Tooth decay can also advance to the root of your tooth and cause significant damage. This underlines the importance of having stuck food particles removed from your teeth as soon as possible.

It is also important to maintain good dental hygiene to avoid the formation of plaque. Regular brushing and flossing of teeth will go a long way in preventing stuck food particles. Visit our offices to have our professionals remove stubborn particles.