How Methamphetamine Use Affects Dental Health

How Methamphetamine Use Affects Dental Health

What is methamphetamine? It is commonly known as Meth. A very addictive street drug. It can cause adverse health issues, including oral problems. It is the association between methamphetamine and dental diseases called meth mouth. Meth mouth is a term used to define the effects of methamphetamine on oral health. The drug is adverse because it causes decay of the teeth. We shall get to discuss the drug more.


Meth mouth is the decay of teeth due to the use of methamphetamine. Users of methamphetamine may have blackened teeth or broken or rotten teeth due to the drug. Methamphetamine can lead to the development of bruxism. This is a condition in which a person tends to clench or grind teeth Bruxism leads to jaw pains, headaches, and even destruction of teeth. Drug additives in the Meth lead to erosion of teeth. These additives are battery acid lantern fuel and hydrochloric acid—poor dental hygiene. The meth users can be high for up to 12 hours. At that time, they rarely practice oral hygiene—poor feeding habits due to the use of Meth. Meth may cause cravings for sugary foods and drinks. The use of stimulants such as Meth leads to dry mouth and inadequate saliva.

Meth mouth can have other effects on the body. Premature delivery is noticed among the women. The addicts may get convulsions due to the stimulation. There is a high risk of heart-related problems. Hyperthermia and the risk of getting HIV are significant effects. There are psychological effects that include aggression and paranoia. Quality of life depreciates due to being high all the time.


Meth mouth is a serious condition. According to researchers, the effects on the mouth are hard to reverse. The effects may lead to dentists pulling out the teeth of the addicts. The users must be rehabilitated, and the addiction dealt with first. Consult with us for more information on meth mouth.