Foods To Keep On Hand When You Know You Are Getting A Crown

Foods To Keep On Hand When You Know You Are Getting A Crown

A crown is a great dental restoration. It lasts a long time and, with good care, looks just like your natural teeth. When you know you are getting a crown, you will have to make sure the foods you eat can support the restoration process. For example, you will need to wear a temporary crown while your crown is made. Therefore, you have to eat foods that will keep the temporary crown in place.


When you have a temporary crown, you need to stay away from any foods that are hard or sticky, or are difficult to chew. Therefore, you need to stay away from chewing gum, taffy, or caramel candies. Hard foods, such as hard candy, ice, or granola, are also not good choices. Say “no” to foods that are extremely hot or cold, or tough-to-chew foods, such as steak or hard bread. Indeed, you will need to practice discernment when making menu selections.


With a temporary crown in place, it is better to choose foods, such as mash potatoes, soups, and yoghurt. Select mush or liquid-like foods until you get your crown. Even after you get your permanent crown, you should take precautions to ensure against damage. That means, it is still a good idea to keep away from foods that may hurt the gums or teeth.

We can provide you with further instructions about food choices and dental care when you receive any type of restoration. Our goal is to ensure that your crown or other restoration will serve you well. Therefore, give us a call today if you are interested in adding a crown or veneers, or similar restoration. We provide a full offering of dental services. Ask us about the best restorations for transforming your smile.