Five Types Of Dental Crowns

Five Types Of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a great treatment option for a damaged or missing tooth. For this procedure, we place a cover over the damaged tooth so it can blend in with the other teeth. This enables you to smile confidently again and restore the functionality of the damaged tooth. Not a lot of people are aware of the different kinds of dental crowns. Here we will walk you through the available options.


The first kind of dental crown is the porcelain crown. These are the most popular crowns we recommended since they blend with your natural teeth in terms of size, color, and shape. Another advantage is that these crowns are biocompatible and non-toxic since there’s no metal used.

The second kind of crown is porcelain fused-to-the-metal or a PFM crown. These crowns provide strength due to their metal component, and they also manage to blend well with your natural teeth thanks to their porcelain cover. With this crown, you get durability and aesthetics.

The third kind of crown is commonly called gold crowns. These crowns are created by mixing copper with other metals like chromium to enhance durability and strength. Although this crown doesn’t match your tooth color, they are highly resistant and long-lasting, making them a popular choice for molars.


Zirconium made crowns also provide the same strength that metals have. However, they have a translucent white shade that matches your natural teeth. The last type of crown is made from Lithium Disilicate. It is also known as E-Max and it gives you the strength as well as the color needed to resemble your natural teeth. It is a popular choice for molars too.

If you aren’t sure which crown to opt-in for, there is no need to stress. Book an appointment with us, and we will examine your teeth to determine which crowns suit you best.