Crunchy Foods Help Your Jaw And Teeth

Crunchy Foods Help Your Jaw And Teeth

Foods play various roles in the strengthening and development of your body tissues. For instance, foods like milk contain calcium that strengthens your teeth. Therefore, what you eat plays an important role in determining your oral health. Crunchy foods are also among those that can benefit your teeth. Most of these foods contain nutrients that will benefit your teeth and jaws.


Eating crunchy foods such as fruits and raw vegetables can benefit your oral health immensely. These foods give your mouth a workout, clearing away bacteria and plaque in the process. Also, foods like celery and carrots stimulate the production of saliva. Saliva is an important defense system that protects the mouth against bacteria and plaque. Without saliva, plaque can build up and cause conditions like tooth decay she cavities. In addition, carrots are also rich in beta-carotene, a substance used to make Vitamin A; the nutrient that makes your teeth stronger.

Jaws will also benefit immensely from crunchy foods. The act of chewing crunchy foods exercises your jaws, helping them maintain their good condition. By regularly exercising your jaws, you reduce the risk of jaw conditions like TMD. This is a condition that could be caused by jaw muscle problems. Eating crunchy foods on a regular basis can help reduce the chances of this condition.

Crunchy foods will go a long way in helping your jaws and teeth. However, you need to combine them with good dental hygiene for excellent results. You should regularly floss your teeth and brush them at least twice a day. This helps get rid of bacteria that could accumulate and cause infections. You should also come in for regular dental checkups; this will help identify a problem before it advances into severe stages. For more information on what foods are best for your oral health, contact our offices.