Caring For Your Dentures

Caring For Your Dentures

Dentures are removable prosthesis that replaces part of the teeth or all teeth. They are used primarily in dental clinics to replace missing teeth and restore the mouth’s functionality to avoid the adjacent teeth’ misplacement into the spaces left by the missing teeth.

They are artificial teeth made of acrylic materials. The dentures can be used with crowns to offer support, and partial dentures are easily removable. Dentures improve patients’ quality of life and give them the confidence to smile.

Hence there is a need to care for the dentures effectively to prolong their life span and serviceability. Let us look at simple ways to care for dentures.


Caring for your dentures includes efficient cleaning and handling them. The denture can easily break when mishandled; thus, it is advisable to use a cloth cushion the blow if it falls.

Ensure that the denture is well dried out to prevent the formation of infection on the teeth by the remaining water when they are placed back into the teeth. Clean the dentures with running water and avoid using hot water as it can deform them.

Ensure that the dentures are brushed effectively to eliminate any stuck food debris and plaque that may have formed on the dentures. Also, brush thoroughly to avoid the formation of stains on the dentures.

Cleanse the mouth and rinse it well to improve the adherence of the dentures. Also, before placing the dentures on the teeth, clean the gums and tongues with a soft brush to remove tartar and plaque.

It is necessary to visit the dentist regularly to check the dentures’ status and ensure they are working properly and functioning correctly. For more information on how to care for your dentures, make an appointment with our dental team, and we will be ready to serve you.