Can Denture Cream Hurt Your Remaining Natural Teeth?

Can Denture Cream Hurt Your Remaining Natural Teeth?

Losing your teeth can be a disconcerting and harrowing experience. When you lose some teeth, some aspects of the face might also change because of the jawbone recession.

To avoid this, most people will get restorative dental procedures to fix the functionality and aesthetic issues common in such a scenario.

One of the most common and useful fixes out there are dentures. These can be partial if you just lost a couple of teeth or full in instances where a full arch of teeth need to be replaced. Dentures are specifically made so that they can fit properly in the mouth without needing additional support.

In order to make sure your dentures have a perfect fit, you will have to look for denture cream to make sure that they stay in place and provide the best support and functionality possible. The question of safety does arise to the remaining teeth and whether it is safe to use the denture cream for extended periods.


One of the biggest concerns with denture cream has to do with the fact that some of these products are manufactured with zinc as an ingredient. Although the body uses zinc in many processes, it only needs tiny amounts. With the denture creams, you find that some brands use it as a main ingredient, which could become problematic if there is too much zinc in your system. Without the heavy zinc component in the cream, they pose no threat to your teeth or the body at large.

Denture creams are essential for people who wear dentures every day. They form a seal that not only keeps the dentures in place but also makes it so that small food particles such as seeds cannot squeeze into the spaces and settle under the dentures. Additionally, you find that some of these creams have antibacterial properties that keep the mouth fresh and bacteria-free for several hours.

This way, you can see that denture creams are good for you and your teeth. If you have been thinking about dentures or any other form of restorative dental procedures, get into contact with us, and we’ll take care of you to make sure you get exactly what you want.