Best Treatments For Canker Sores

Best Treatments For Canker Sores

Ulcers in the mouth might indicate canker sores. Canker sores are challenging to deal with since they can cause pain and discomfort. Due to this, eating may become difficult. While canker sores can heal on their own, sometimes you may need to seek treatment. Some treatment options for canker sores include:


Good oral hygiene habits are easy and effective ways to treat canker sores. They reduce the risk of severity. Things such as using a soft-bristled toothbrush can help to clean the mouth and prevent the chances of injuring the gums. Certain mouthwashes can also help to prevent germs from spreading. Prescribed mouthwashes can also help to reduce inflammation. When treating canker sores, it would be best to avoid alcoholic mouthwashes because they can irritate the sores.


Certain medications can help to reduce discomfort and inflammation. However, they may not heal the mouth sores. If canker sores affect your daily activities, such as eating, the dentist may prescribe pain relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have recurrent canker sores, or if the canker sores aren’t going away, the dentist may prescribe certain antibiotics. In some instances, the dentist may suggest steroids to treat canker sores. This may be necessary if the canker sores are becoming worse.


While the leading cause of mouth ulcers is not well defined, canker sores are mostly found in patients with nutritional deficiencies. This may involve low levels of iron, folic acids, and zinc. In this case, consuming nutritional supplements is a good defense against canker sores.


Acidic or spicy foods and beverages can slow the healing process and worsen canker sores. In this case, it is best to avoid them until the sores heal. Also, limit your intake of these substances to prevent recurrent canker sores. It is good to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all for canker sores treatment. Our professionals will suggest a treatment plan based on your individual symptoms.