Aging And Dental Health

Aging And Dental Health

As you age taking care of dental health is vital. There is a myth that when you age you will lose your teeth but this is not true. You can still have your teeth even in old age. If you care for your teeth then you will have them even in old age. The mouth changes with age, the teeth become smaller and this can make the teeth less sensitive to cavities and other oral problems.


Regular dental visits will assist you in the identification of any problem affecting your teeth. The dentist will examine the strength of your jaw, bones, and teeth and will be able to detect any gum disease. Regular dental visits need to be maintained from a young age and continue even in old age. You can still chew on your favorite hard foods even when you are old so ensure that the dentist becomes your friend.


The old are likely to develop gum disease and other problems of the mouth First this is because the old might develop other diseases like dementia and they tend to quickly forget. They might forget the basics of oral care like brushing and flossing their teeth. This creates a basis of plaque and tartar forming in between their teeth, they, therefore, develop cavities and their teeth will decay. This will eventually lead to tooth loss.


The old need to be reminded on taking care of their oral health, this is by taking the elderly to the dentist regularly so that they are examined. The old also need to be reminded to brush and floss regularly and this will make them maintain oral hygiene. Visit us now and we will offer oral care to the old in your family.