Ways To Protect Baby’s Teeth

Ways To Protect Baby's Teeth

There are several ways to protect your baby’s teeth. One common way is to feed them foods and fluids that help in that cause. Baby formula and breast milk contain sugars that often deposit residue in newly forming teeth. Just like adult teeth, baby teeth need to be cleaned every day to prevent future tooth complications. In this article, we outline ways to protect your baby’s teeth.


Regular washing of your baby’s gums before the eruption of milk teeth is one way of maintaining oral hygiene. This can be done by using a soft moist cloth that is gentle on their gums. Instead of using toothpaste, mix a quarter teaspoon of salt with water and dab the cloth in the solution. This neutralizes any sugars left in their gums.


Brushing can begin as soon as the milk teeth erupt; yes, even if it’s just one tooth. However, in the offset, most babies become restless or agitated. To deal with this, use a soft-bristled infant toothbrush and a small amount of fluoride-based toothpaste. The trick is to make it as fun as possible while vocally encouraging them to spit it out.


For older babies, fruits, vegetables, and foods low in sugar go a long way in ensuring their teeth are not prone to tooth decay. This also helps them start getting used to a healthy diet while they are still young. For younger ones, avoid dipping pacifiers in sugar, honey, or sweetened beverages.

Above all, regular dental check-ups help in monitoring your baby’s dental health and advising parents on oral hygiene for babies. Do not be worked up by your baby’s dental health, call and schedule an appointment with us and we’ll help you deal with it.