TMJ Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluation of the TMJ complex is necessary to determine if the origin of the discomfort is muscular or skeletal. Once we do that, we want to figure out why it started. Many times it is secondary to parafunctional habits such as grinding, stress, or an underlying malocclusion. Correcting these issues may be as easy as treating with bite splints but severe cases may require multiple dental specialties to treat. An evaluation by your dentist is the only way to determine a path of treatment.

Nightguards and Occlusal Guards

Temporal Mandibular Join (TMJ or TMD) pain: If you or someone you know suffers from severe tooth, jaw, or facial muscle pain, it may be from bruxing (clenching or grinding of the teeth and jaws). Prescribing a properly equilibrated custom fabricated nightguard may very well alleviate pain to the TMJ. After an occlusal analysis, there are many different types of nightguards that we can tailor to your specific needs.

Occlusal wear: when excessive occlusal (tooth) wear is observed, we need find a way to protect what is left of the dentition (teeth). Studies show that people who grind and clench their teeth may cause up to 80 times the normal tooth wear (attrition) resulting in significant dental cost to restore teeth back to their original shape and size.

Athletic Guards

Approximately 5 million teeth will be knocked out in the US from injuries to the mouth. The risk of injury to the mouth is reduced by 95% when using a mouth guard.

The level of protection from a professionally fabricated mouth guard is 10 times the level of a store bought one. Average cost of fabricating a professional mouth guard – $200.00. The average cost of replacing a missing tooth due to injury – $3000.00. Many times insurance will cover a portion of the cost. Call us today to find out.

Heavy Pro Mouthguard

Three-layered custom mouth guard for sports where facial contact is constant. For example: MMA, martial arts, sparing, and wrestling. Ability to breath easily is of high importance but we must protect both arches of the dentition as well as temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) from direct contact. Custom molds are taken of the mouth to fabricate an exact dental cast of your teeth. The arches are then connected to support the jaw and teeth in a position that is comfortable and absorbs trauma to the athlete.

Three Layers of Protection:

  • 1st soft inner layer is thermo-molded over the dental cast.
  • A 2nd hard layer and power band to stabilize the mouth guard and give it added strength and support.
  • A 3rd outer layer is added for additional protection and absorption of trauma.

Playsafe Mouthguard

For heavy contact sport (3 custom layers) – e.g: Football, lacrosse, hockey and, baseball.

  • Much like a Heavy Pro Mouthguard but only includes one arch.
  • The second hard layer may be left out to decrease the overall bulk of the mouth guard.

Junior Playsafe

Moderate contact sport (2 custom layers) – e.g: basketball, soccer, and mountain biking.

  • Much like the Playsafe but the second hard layer may be left out to decrease the overall bulk of the mouth guard.
  • The ‘junior’ does not correspond to age so much as the level of protection.