Preventing Tooth Erosion

Preventing Tooth Erosion

When oral acids react with enamel, tooth deterioration results. Your teeth will be permanently harmed by this process, which is irreversible. Tooth erosion exposes the delicate interior of the teeth, which hurts and is uncomfortable. We put a lot of emphasis on educating you on how to take care of and preserve your teeth at our office.


Mangoes and other fiber-rich fruits and vegetables are good for your gums and teeth. Carrots and other crunchy foods are good for cleaning your teeth. Milk’s calcium contributes to the restoration and upkeep of enamel.

Phosphorus is one of the minerals that may be found in diet and will help to protect the enamel. Because they induce a lot of saliva to be produced, sugarless chewing gums are preferable to sugary chewing gums. Your teeth’s surfaces are cleaned of food debris using the saliva that is produced. Drink plenty of water to maintain a consistent saliva level and moisturized mouth.


Brushing your teeth after meals helps remove food particles on the surface and between your teeth. We recommend using fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft bristles to avoid damaging your gums. Fluoride is known to protect enamel; additionally, floss between your teeth and rinse with fluoride-containing mouthwash on a daily basis.


By demonstrating various brushing and flossing practices, our dentists can help you prevent future tooth issues. With our specialized dental equipment, which can access all of your teeth, including those that are inaccessible to brushing or flossing, we can also assist you in properly cleaning your teeth. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about tooth erosion; one of our skilled dentists would be pleased to help.