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Dental Fillings
Dacula, GA

Our dentists at Lanier Valley Dentistry are ever ready do your dental fillings. Fillings are used for treating a dental cavity, which is the area left after decay has been removed. Fillings are also used to fix cracked or broken teeth. Teeth worn down from hard use or inappropriate use such as tooth grinding are also treated with fillings.

There are different types of dental filling materials available. Teeth can be filled with tooth-colored plastic and materials referred to as composite resin fillings; porcelain, gold, or silver amalgam which is made up of mercury mixed with zinc, copper, tin, and silver. Your choice of the type of filling should depend on the cost of the filling material, the extent of the decay, and our dentist’s professional recommendation.

The Filling Process

The steps involved in filling a tooth are relatively easy. First, our dentist will introduce anesthetic to the area around the affected tooth to numb it. Next, they will remove the decayed area using a laser, a drill, or an air abrasion instrument, depending on our dentist’s preference and the extent of the tooth decay. Our dentist will make sure that all the decay comes out, after which they will clean the cavity, removing all bacteria and debris. When this is done, they will fill the cleaned space. If the decayed part of the tooth is near the root, our dentist will protect the nerve with a liner made from glass ionomer, composite resin, or other material before filling. After filling, they will finish and polish the filling.

For tooth colored fillings, there are other extra steps. After our dentist has cleaned the area, removed the decay, debris, and bacteria, they will apply the tooth-colored filling in a multilayering process. The tooth-colored filling is applied on in layers, and a special light hardens each layer. When done, our dentist will shape the filling and trim off excess material and then finish and polish it properly.

After The Filling

After filling, it is quite common for some people to experience tooth sensitivity. Some people’s teeth may be sensitive to temperature, pressure, air, foods, or fruits. The sensitive feeling should go away within a few weeks. Some people may also experience pain when they bite down; in this case, the filling may require a reshaping. Some may experience a toothache kind of pain. If this happens, it may be that the decay has affected the tissue deeply, and a root canal treatment is needed. Some people may experience pain when their teeth touch something cold or hot. Some people may feel pain in the other teeth around the affected tooth, but it will decrease with a week or two.

If tooth sensitivity persists after two to four weeks, our dentists may apply a desensitizing agent to the affected area or recommend that you use desensitizing toothpaste or, if the situation requires, carry out a root canal procedure. For more information on fillings, Lanier Valley Dentistry at (678) 802-8654


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Dental Fillings are used to fix cracked or broken teeth. Teeth worn down from hard use or inappropriate use such as tooth grinding are also treated with fillings.
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