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COVID-19 Update
In the wake of the unprecedented COVID19 pandemic and the safety of our staff and patients, Dr. Lentz closed our office temporarily at the end of last week, 20th March, 2020.
Our voicemail has been updated to instruct patients with dental emergencies to follow the prompts to reach Dr. Lentz. This web notice is to inform patients that state and federal mandates recommend we close our office until we can equip ourselves with proper protective equipment. That equipment is not yet available because it is being directed to front line emergency workers in hospitals handling the outbreak. At this time, we are working closely with specialists to treat emergency dental conditions that are resulting in pain, swelling and fever.
State wide - No restorative treatment will be rendered at this time. Just emergency treatment (i.e. root canals and extractions) by our specialists.
Think of Dr. Lentz as a quarterback directing emergency traffic to the proper specialists. Please feel free to call and leave a message for emergency: 678-802-1209. Dr. Lentz will call back as soon as possible to trouble shoot your specific concern. We are monitoring daily, awaiting proper protective equipment orders to arrive, and will update our Lanier Valley Dentistry Family with any changes.

Dental Crown
Dacula, GA

Here at Lanier Valley Dentistry we are experts when it comes to dental implants and prosthetics. Crowns are arguably the most demanded teeth prosthetics. Crowns are tooth-shaped prosthetics that are used to repair damaged teeth. Crowns are attached to the damaged tooth, and it covers the entire tooth.

Our dentist might recommend a crown if you have a weak tooth, completely discolored tooth, or a chipped or fractured tooth. Crowns are used for either restorative or cosmetic reasons. Crowns are quite popular because they function like natural teeth.

Types of Crowns

Crowns can be made of several different materials. Crowns can either be made of ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, silver, gold or composite resin. Porcelain and ceramic crowns a preferred for cosmetic purposes. According to the American Dental Association, each of these types of crowns have their pros and cons. They are all suitable for different situations. Ultimately, it will depend on what you can afford or how much you are willing to spend.

Gold and porcelain are the most expensive. They are strong, durable, and quite attractive. Ceramic and composite resin are the cheapest options.

The Procedure

The crown installation procedure is quite simple, although it takes more than one appointment to get it completed. The first visit to our dentist’s office usually involves examining the damaged tooth and preparing it to receive and support a crown.

In instances where the tooth is severely broken, our dentist will have to fill it up a bit so that it is large enough to support a crown. In instances where the damaged tooth cannot be repaired or has been lost. You will have to undergo a dental implant placement procedure. Dental implants are normally titanium posts that are planted into your jawbone. Dental implant placement procedures are a bit complicated and might take months to complete.

The shaped tooth or implant is called an abutment. After the abutment is ready, our dentist will take an impression of it, and take it to the lab. You’ll have to wait for a couple of days for your crown to be manufactured. The impression is taken to ensure the crown produced is a perfect fit. Our dentists have temporary crowns that they put over the abutment as you wait for the real crown.

The temporary crown will be removed on your next visit, and the permanent crown will be attached. A special cement is used to glue the abutment and the tooth together. The crown is permanently attached, and can only be removed at our dentist’s office if need be. As mentioned earlier, once you’ve healed, the tooth functions just like an ordinary tooth. The crown might feel a bit unusual during the first couple of days, but you should get used to it soon enough.

You can reach us by calling Lanier Valley Dentistry at (678) 802-8654 if you need any kind of assistance related to oral and dental health. We have a team of experts that is always ready to attend to you.


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