Comprehensive Dental Exam What To Expect

Comprehensive Dental Exam What To Expect

A routine dental check-up typically involves getting your teeth cleaned, getting some updated x-rays or other diagnostics, and (hopefully) getting the all-clear by your dentist. Sometimes, your dentist may need additional images and may examine every detail of your oral health. An oral examination isn’t the same as a comprehensive dental exam.


Comprehensive exams create a complete picture of your oral and systemic health. This type of exam is typically done on your first visit to a dentist. If you have not seen that doctor for a long time, or if your health has changed significantly, it may be appropriate to have a comprehensive examination. A routine periodic dental health check, which usually happens along with your cleaning appointments, helps your dentist stay on top of your oral health. Your dental team uses a comprehensive exam to create a baseline for comparing future changes. Your dental team will spend extra time discussing your health from head to toe. Your medical history and medications list will be required. We will update this at future appointments, but gathering your medical history is critical to providing the best oral health care. A dentist will also spend extra time talking to you about any concerns you have during a comprehensive exam. It allows you to get to know each other, while also aligning your care plan with your needs. In a comprehensive exam, many tasks are like those at a regular exam.


We screen you for oral cancer, check the soft tissues for problems, and monitor the health of your gums. Establishing your baseline for these areas is an essential part of a comprehensive exam. We will chart any gum recession and detect any gum disease. We will check your bite and notate areas where your bite does not line up well, as this can cause issues like jaw pain and cracked teeth. Soft tissues, including the skin inside and outside of your mouth, will be checked. Dental disease can affect your whole body. We will discuss any problems that may stem from other health problems and make a plan to remedy them. We want to provide you with the comprehensive care you deserve every time you walk in our doors.