Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Our favorite days are when we get to change someone’s life! We did that this week with the final delivery of this case. This is a before and after of a case that has been planned and treated at our office. The transformation is remarkable, patient is thrilled and we are happy to be apart of it! If you know someone who has dental treatment needs like this, please refer them to our office, we will be sure they are well cared for.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation: upper and lower. Smile lines restored and perfected. Lip line now follows the incisal line.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This case involved a little bit of everything. Denture, partial, crown and bridge. All in all – the team brought the plan together and finished with an incredible result! Big smiles from happy patients! Happy to see it all come together.

Filling Replacement

Replaced discolored fillings with beautiful new composite resins that match the surrounding tooth structure perfectly.

Front Teeth Correction

These two front teeth had it all. White decalcified spots, fluorosis brown spot, and an full horizontal fracture. He was uncomfortable smiling prior to treatment because of the way things looked. No problems now! All smiles in the office. Beautiful result!

Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Smile

This case is being completed step by step.  It included orthodontics by SmilesForever to straighten the patients smaller teeth into a good position for restoring them properly, gingival recontouring so that the gum levels are perfect, whitening to get desired shade, and anterior veneers and crowns to complete the tooth shape desired.  Absolutely beautiful, natural and life-changing case.  Next step is to complete the posterior teeth (premolars and 1st molars) once the patient is ready.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Retracted View

Fractured Front Teeth

This case represents repairing fractured front teeth due to occlusal trauma and decay under previous restorations.