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COVID-19 Update
In the wake of the unprecedented COVID19 pandemic and the safety of our staff and patients, Dr. Lentz closed our office temporarily at the end of last week, 20th March, 2020.
Our voicemail has been updated to instruct patients with dental emergencies to follow the prompts to reach Dr. Lentz. This web notice is to inform patients that state and federal mandates recommend we close our office until we can equip ourselves with proper protective equipment. That equipment is not yet available because it is being directed to front line emergency workers in hospitals handling the outbreak. At this time, we are working closely with specialists to treat emergency dental conditions that are resulting in pain, swelling and fever.
State wide - No restorative treatment will be rendered at this time. Just emergency treatment (i.e. root canals and extractions) by our specialists.
Think of Dr. Lentz as a quarterback directing emergency traffic to the proper specialists. Please feel free to call and leave a message for emergency: 678-802-1209. Dr. Lentz will call back as soon as possible to trouble shoot your specific concern. We are monitoring daily, awaiting proper protective equipment orders to arrive, and will update our Lanier Valley Dentistry Family with any changes.

Dental Cleaning

It is important that you come to see us at Lanier Valley Dentistry for regular dental cleaning. Do you think that if you had brushed and flossed your teeth every day, your dental health would be fine? Don’t be fooled as no matter how carefully you’ve brushed your teeth, there may be areas where you’ve missed, have trouble brushing regularly, or can’t brush away the harmful build-up.

Professional Cleaning

Also, more thorough cleaning would be too aggressive and do more harm to you if done too regularly and not by certified professionals. That is why you should come to us and schedule a dental cleaning every 6 months alongside your dental exam! Here, we can help with all types of cleaning so that your dental health will be in great shape for years to come!

The first step, before getting to work, is a thorough examination. This helps our dentist to see if there are any problems with your teeth and oral hygiene overall. It also helps us to see the extent to which your teeth need cleaning.

Types of Cleaning

We offer regular teeth cleaning, scaling and root planing, and gross debridement to help clean your teeth. During our regular teeth cleaning, we use various tools to remove plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. During scaling, root planing, and gross debridement, we would also use various scaler tools to pick off and scrape debris such as plaque and tartar away from the area just under the gums and teeth line.

With the plaque removed, we will then use an electric brush to add the finishing touches. For this, we will use a gritty paste that will gently scrub your teeth. This will help to remove any plaque that has been missed, while it also helps to give the surface of the tooth a deep clean. The toothpaste used for this task is not recommended for regular home brushing, because it would erode the enamel over time.


Our dentist may also give you thorough flossing. This is important because it allows them to clean in the gaps between teeth that might otherwise be missed. It is important to get all of the surfaces thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacteria from building up and causing decay.

Also, should if you are interested, we also offer polishing and stain removal, where we help restore your teeth to their original white color. This can help to return even the dullest of smiles to their beautiful best.

Remember, even though your oral health may seem fine and you’ve brushed and floss your teeth regularly, it is important that you have regular dental exams every 6 months to ensure you are in the best of dental health! Book an appoint with us or call us for more information at Lanier Valley Dentistry at (678) 802-8654 today! We look forward to hearing from you and will gladly answer any questions you might have.


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