Lanier Valley Dentistry can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. As a leading cosmetic dentist in Hamilton Mill, we offer a variety of treatments to enhance the appearance of your teeth and gums.

Composite Resin Fillings

Composite resins have become the ideal choice for restoring small cavities found in the mouth. They are fast, comfortable, and look amazing. With the correct shade matching and beveling of our cavity preparation, our Hamilton Mill dentists can make the tooth look like new. We no longer need to rely on amalgams (silver fillings) that contain mercury as a restorative option. Our office does not use any amalgam at all.


Veneers are a minimally invasive cosmetic option for individuals who would like to permanently change the shape, size, color or contours of the surface of their teeth. The preparation of the tooth is typically the removal of a thin layer of enamel. We then bond a porcelain veneer over the existing tooth. The result is a beautiful luster that is sustainable and mimics the color, hue, value, reflection, refraction and translucency of a natural tooth.


Crowns are a slightly more invasive treatment option reserved for those who need to have greater than 30-40% of the tooth restored, a cracked tooth, or a tooth that has a root canal. A heavily restored tooth may be cracking or failing and require full coverage (crown) to help preserve the integrity of the tooth so that it can function for years to come. There are many different material options but we only offer cosmetic all-porcelain crowns (no metal) here at Lanier Valley Dentistry.

We have coupled with the best dental labs in here in Georgia and California to make sure that our all porcelain crowns are able to withstand the forces of occlusion and chewing, and that they are incredibly aesthetic.

Cosmetic Treatment Planning

When we have a highly aesthetic or difficult case that requires additional planning we recommend a diagnostic cast, wax up and a series of intraoral photos.

Diagnostic cast are exact replicas of your teeth in stone. From here we are able to identify and correct occlusal discrepancies, interferences, and malocclusions (bad bite) that may adversely affect the future restorations. The photos allow us to evaluate, account for, and improve smile lines, gingival contours, and tooth shape.

The wax up then allows us to reliably predict where we are going to be placing new veneers or crowns. The wax up is our blue print; we actually design the veneers or crowns in white wax on your diagnostic cast for you to see exactly what everything will look like. This is a very important step that we share with the patient because we can make any adjustments to the shape, size, length, or contours of the teeth we want at this stage.

Once the wax up is perfected and everyone agrees with the plan, we move forward and fabricate a replica of the wax up on your teeth in acrylic temporaries. This is our working prototype until the final porcelain crowns come back from the dental laboratory.

Teeth Whitening

Full arch tooth whitening is great for lightening up that beautiful smile. We use carbamine peroxide with desensitizers and specific wavelength LED to whiten the teeth. The process takes about 45-55 min to complete and leave you with a smile that is shades lighter without the pain.

Single tooth internal bleaching is for patients with a tooth that has died or has had root canal treatment. These teeth have a tendency to darken over time. External bleaching does not help in this situation. We actually have to bleach the tooth from the inside.

Hamilton Mill Cosmetic Dentist

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