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When most people think of being healthy, they don’t consider their dental health. They think about eating right, exercising, and maybe even sleeping for 7 or 8 hours a night. Your skin and bones get a lot of love, but healthy teeth aren’t a concern for a concerning number of grown adults. If you’re not brushing and flossing, you’re missing the basic elements of dental health. Sure you’ve heard that your whole life, but it’s the truth. The teeth you have are likely the only ones you’ll have for the rest of your life. The dental professionals at Lanier Valley Dentistry bring back your gorgeous smile and luster your teeth may be lacking.

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Covering All Bases

From treating children, all the way to fully grown humans, Lanier Valley Dentistry in Sugar Hill has kept bright smiles and straightened teeth for nearly a decade. They’ll allow you and encourage you to have the healthy mouth that you need so your teeth, gums, and smile will be bright and healthy for years to come. Dr. Lentz and staff also accept dental insurance, so be sure you use your annual benefits every year. Another service they offer is orthodontics. Though they don’t perform them in-house, Lanier Valley Dentistry will refer you to an orthodontist whom they’ve used for years, a trusted partner in making your smile perfect.

Find Out Now Before It's Too Late

As with most diseases, infections, and illnesses, early detection is key. Gum disease is no different. When gingivitis first shows up it may display some painful symptoms or bad breath. If detected early enough, gingivitis can be taken care of. But when it takes root and goes untreated it may become very painful and quite serious. Plaque first forms around the base of the gums and tooth, and then the infection can spread to the ligaments and bones supporting the teeth, causing major damage and destroying the tissues and ligaments in the process. If gingivitis goes unchecked, the following treatments can be extremely harsh. As time goes by the procedure will basically need to be compounded to fix any ailments you may have and diseases you may harbor.

Sugar Hill Dental Experts

Dr. Lentz and staff are happy to check to see if your gums display any symptoms and to make sure they are light pink, firm and healthy, because no one wants to have the burden of gum disease.

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